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Regosteel was founded in 2016. We are a selected diamond partner of voestalpine - Austrian steel manufacturer providing the highest quality steel products durostat, alform and aldur.

We specialise in the supply of voestalpine steel, as well as adding value along various stages of the manufacturing process. Through technical expertise combined with our partner network, we are capable of delivering variety of steel elements bespoke to specific needs of our customers. Regosteel’s experienced and highly committed team is fully prepared to face most complex challenges and we approach every innovative project with passion, professionalism and in-depth technical expertise.

Regosteel is active throughout Poland, Eastern Europe, Baltics, Eastern Germany and Scandinavia consistently expanding its market presence. Our main goal is to establish a stable distribution network of special steel and prefabricated steel components in CEE and Scandinavia.


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Regosteel specialises in the supply of the highest quality steel products - durostat®, alform® and aldur® maufactured by voestalpine steel mill. We deliver the material from Linz in Austria directly to our customers. We also recognise the importance of flexibility in today’s rapidly changing market environment. For customers that require short delivery lead times, we are able to supply the material from our warehouse located in Młyny near Busko Zdrój.

durostat® Just like diamonds, durostat® steel stands for highest hardness. This special property of durostat® steels is the reason for their essentially higher resistance to wear than conventional steels. They are optimally suited to applications with high mechanical stress and high levels of abrasion. durostat® steels also guarantee excellent toughness at low application temperatures. With 3 levels of hardness (400, 450 and 500 HB) and thicnkess range of 2 - 100 mm, durostat® is perfectly suited for applications such as: waste containers, tipper trailers, excavator buckets. Detailed steel characteristics is available on voestalpine website.

alform® is a hot-rolled fine-grained steel with best cold-forming properties and excellent weldability. alform® steels are available in different grades, depending on the area of application. Whether thermomechanically or normalized rolled, as hot-rolled strip or heavy plate, in coils, slit strip or cut sheets with thickness ranges between 2 - 60 mm. Depending on the area of application, many different strength classes are available. The alform® 1100 x-treme grades are best suited for sophisticated light-weight design. The steels from the alform® laser series with their special surface properties and low tolerances are made specially for laser cutting. alform® is an indispensable material in mechanical engineering, automotive design and in the processing industry. alform® steels are used in steel structures with high demands on aesthetics and economic efficiency. For detailed information, visit voestalpine website.

aldur® steels are water-quenched, high-strength fine-grained steels with a minimum yield strength between 500 - 960 MPa and excellent toughness at low temperatures. Our high-strength, they are typically used wherever weight savings and operating safety are in demand at low temperatures. Examples include welded structures under high levels of stress in crane and vehicle construction, in mining equipment and pressure piping. Detail characteristics is available on voestalpine website.

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Regosteel also delivers ready-made steel components made of voestalpine special steel. We specialise in delivery of elements for various industrial applications: tipping trailers, tipper chassis, waste containers, excavator buckets, crane booms and other engineering structures.

Depending on specific needs of our customers, we offer variety of steel processing methods through our partner network:

  • cutting: oxygen, plasma, laser and water – max. dimensions 5x30m,
  • bending on small- and large-size press brakes – max. length of 20m,
  • machining: drilling, bevelling, milling, lathing,
  • welding: laser welding, MAG, MIG, TIG,
  • shot blasting
  • painting

We are able to deliver any project bespoke to specific requirements of our customers.

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Responding to our customer requirements, we introduced the highest quality Böhler welding wires complementing our steel offering. The solid, metal-cored wires are perfectly matched with voestalpine steel qualities creating lasting connections.

Along with the material, we also provide access to complete technical support from Böhler in cases where advanced technical expertise is required.

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durostat®, alform® steels are perfectly suited for applications:

  • steel containers
  • excavator buckets
  • tipper trailers
  • agriculture equipment
  • and many other

Application of voestalpine special steel warrants end products of highest quality.

Special Steel

Our values

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QualityWe set new standards offering world-class steel solutions, services and products to our partners. We maintain highest standards of delivery with each order processed with equal commitment, detail and passion regardless of size and effort. At Regosteel, timely delivery and a guarantee of top service quality are the hallmarks of our business. Because steel is our passion.
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Professionalism With the award of voestalpine ‘Diamond Partner’ status in 2017, Regosteel combines Austrian precision and supreme quality with Polish passion and creativity. Complementary to high-quality products, we offer unrestricted access to the technical know-how of specialists providing professional advice related to various aspects of steel component production process.
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TrustWe do business through long-lasting partnerships with all relationships we form with our partners being reliant on mutual trust which we translate into your business success. We provide solutions maximising value added along the manufacturing value chain. Our partners trust our expertise in maintaining high service standards and maximizing their purchase value.

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